• Assembling

      • Over the years we have developed key partnerships with component suppliers all over the country. If you have a product that requires multiple subcomponents, we will have those products shipped to us and we will engineer an assembly process that has the lowest cycle time possible, delivering to you a completed assembly that is ready to install. We also can build or buy out customer assembly fixtures that will assist with the assembly process.
  • Tube Bending
    • With our 50 years of tube bending experience, it is very likely we have the tools you need. If not, we have in-house tool making capabilities along with partnerships with several outside companies as well.
  • Cleaning / Cleanliness testing
    • Cleaning requirements of tubes has evolved dramatically over the last several years. In all of our facilities we utilize highly sophisticated digital microscopes that meet the needs of all of our OEM customers.
  • Cutting

      • We have the latest in tube cutting equipment which enables us to cut tubing in a variety of material types, diameters and wall thicknesses. We will engineer a cutting method that not only reduces the amount of drop (scrap) needed, but we will also examine if opportunities exist to bring parts in cut to length.
  • Drilling

      • Drilling is very common on tubes nowadays when a coupler or boss is required to be welded onto the tubes. However, different manufacturing techniques exist whereas these couplers or bosses can be eliminated completely resulting in significant cost savings to you. Ask us more about this.
  • End finishing / forming (Expanding, reducing, single beading, double bead, triple bead, flaring, slotting, Torca slot, dimpling, etc.) you name it, we got it.

      • Utilizing the latest in tube end finishing and forming, we can achieve your end form designs and, more importantly, maintain the wall thickness of the material while doing so. You can bet we already have the tooling needed to achieve what you need. If not, it isn’t too hard to get.
  • Flattening/Pressing
    • Space claim is always an issue and sometimes there just isn’t room for a traditional tube shape. We have the ability to change the shape of a tube through a process called Flattening. This is typically achieved with various types of Press operations and fixtures.
  • Laser Cutting

      • We’ve got the best laser technology in the business and in both of our US facilities. There’s not a bracket or tube design that we cannot handle; the possibilities are simply endless.
  • Machining
    • We have the latest CNC’s and Engineering Design Team to make components and tools. We also have many partners in the industry that can also contribute.
  • Mitering
    • A common method used when your bend radius is beyond the physical capabilities of the material.
  • Part Numbering

      • Multiple options are available to you to put your part number on your tube.  The use of adhesive stickers, pin stamping and laser etching are the most common.
  • Powder Coating

      • Both of our US facilities have in-house Powder-coating capabilities. We are certified by many of the world’s largest OEM’s to and can meet the finish quality you require.
  • Pressing

      • A term used for the particular manufacturing process type when end forming tubes. Also a pressing operation can mean flattening or even pressing components / bushings into place. It really has multiple meanings.
  • Pressure Testing
    • A significant part of our business. Many customers require 100% pressure checking of water tubes or any tube that carries air or fluids to vital engine components.
  • Punching
    • Punching is a term used to describe an operation where a certain size / dimension of a hole is punched into a tube or flat pc of material.
  • Silver Soldering
    • A process used to join together metal work pieces and having a melting point below that of the work piece(s)
  • Swaging
    • A rotary hammer process that is used to reduce the diameter of a tube.
  • Threading

      • Need to add some threads to a tube or pipe, we got ya covered.
  • Trimming
    • One of many terms used for cutting the material, or trimming it to a certain length.
  • Welding

      • Manual, robotic, automated, MIG, TIG. Brazing, spot welding, etc. We have you covered here as well.


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